Painting Lessons

Come and spend a moment, a day or even a week in my company for a learning of painting techniques!
Training adapted for beginners, amateurs and confirmed, alone or in group.
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Commission Painting

All painting services at The Cursed Deer are accompanied by quality bases highlighting your miniatures. The miniatures are also varnished (mat, satin or gloss)

"Showcase" painting level

The miniature is worked on as a competition model, down to the smallest details. Almost certain to have the best looking specimen of this miniature with your theme of choice.

As an option, your miniature can be entered into a contest.

Painting level 4


The ideal but reasonable choice for your centerpiece, so that it shines brightly among the rest of your army or simply in your showcase, for a detailed and breathtaking look.  An excellent choice also for your busts and other exhibition miniatures.

Painting level 3

For beautiful game pieces, armies guaranteed to get you a “best painted” or  to make heroes stand out in your Gaming army.
Great results from a distance or close up !

Painting level 2

The go to for game pieces, optimized to look good at 50 cm as well as on the table, readable up close.

Perfect for people on a budget who like to look at their miniatures

Painting level 1

(conditional offer) 

An effective way to get your army on the table at a reduced price.
Good looking at 1meter, readable at 50cm, designed specifically for gaming only.



I offer two assembly levels:

* normal assembly: I remove the molding and gluing lines, for a simple and efficient assembly

* Showcase assembly: perfect assembly, no more lines, no more holes, re-sculpture of any damaged parts, etc. So that your model is perfect before painting. Mandatory for paintings at Showcase level and level 4 . 



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